The New Disruptors

  • Episode 28
  • June 19, 2013

Hugs and Kisses from Portland

with Andy Baio and Andy McMillan

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Andy Baio and Andy McMillan simultaneously had the idea for an arts-and-technology conference, and the synchronistic good fortune to wind up in the same city, at the same bar, with the same friend who connected them to talk. The result was XOXO, an event that tore the top of my head right off and led directly to creating this podcast. Hundreds of attendees and tens of thousands of video watchers describe similar enlightenment about what’s currently possible — without cynicism, snark, irony, or greed. Andy and Andy talk about the first XOXO in 2012, and preview the second outing, coming in September 2013. (For more, see my photos from 2012 and read an article I wrote for BoingBoing about the event.)

Tickets for 2013 will be on sale soon; go to the Web site and sign up for the mailing list to get notified as soon as they are available.

On Twitter: Andy Baio, Andy McMillan, and XOXO, as well as the hashtag #xoxofest, still in use.

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