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Here Be Monsters

  • Episode 21
  • July 24, 2013

Potential Energy

Season 2 of Here Be Monsters begins.

The reasons why I bike fast at night are diverse. It’s partly because I don’t feel graceful anywhere else, it’s partly to run away, and it’s partly out of persistent defiance of my failing vision. But mostly, it’s because it’s a sensation totally alien to anything else in my life, and it lets me think about things better.

I recently biked out to a parking garage on the outskirts of Boulder, Colorado and remembered the most significant moment of my eighteenth year, a night that made everything I do now possible. The story involves electronic dance music, a laundromat, a bunch of sweaty teenagers pretending like it’s the eighties and one of the loudest amplifiers I’ve ever heard.

Music by:
The Black Spot